Tuesday, April 10, 2018

VCSL Instruments

Sam Gossner, the man behind Versillian Studios and the VSCO2 Orchestra, has created the Versilian Community Sample Library. It is really just starting, but there are already lots of fun samples. These samples and my instruments are CC0 which means you can use them for anything you like.

As always I'm using the acronym VCSL so that folks will know where the samples came from, these instruments are my own fault and Sam did all the amazing sampling work. I'm not affiliated with Versillian. I just love the free samples!

JH Piano                    Win 64   Win 32     Mac AU   Mac VST

K Piano                     Win 64   Win 32     Mac AU   Mac VST  

4 Recorder Pack         Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU

Saxello                       Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU

Small Ocarina            Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU

Samples CC0: Sam Gossner and Versillian Studios
Instruments CC0: bigcat instruments
As per usual you are agreeing to terms and conditions.

Here is a bonus instrument. Mattias Westlund of SSO fame created this violin trio using the violin samples from VSCO2, MSLP, ldk1609 and MIS.

Westlund 3 Violins        Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0: Mattias Westlund

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