Saturday, March 3, 2018

Christian Henson Pleyel Piano VST

Christian Henson gave away a free set of samples / EXS & Kontakt instruments. I asked on thread if I could make Maize sampler versions and he responded "Oh I sooo want to see this! Please could you post here." So here is a link to the Youtube thread. You can find the instruments under my post as Joe Stevens. Pick the one for your OS.

Christian Henson Youtube

Since the response stopped short of complete permission, I don't feel comfortable posting it on the blog and don't want to get in wrong with one of the biggest sampling companies in our world, but it is easy enough to grab from the Youtube thread.

The piano itself is very odd. I did a lot of tuning, cutting and editing to get a somewhat in tune and consistent feel across the keyboard. It isn't for every situation, but it might be useful as a very different feel than a regular piano. It also comes with a pads VST.

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