Wednesday, July 5, 2017

NSI Instruments

Magenta is a Google Brain project that has created something called NSynth which seems to be extracting the audio DNA from samples and then mixing it all together in a user controllable synth. While I can't give you the synth (it is highly confusing) which will hopefully someday come out as a VST, I can apparently use the NSynth Dataset to create more traditional though possibly funky sounding instruments. So far I've done a grand total of 1 instrument but more are probably on the way as the dataset contains about 1000...
These instruments have 5 velocity layers and are chromatically sampled. I've finally added in a Reverb to the GUI as well and thanks to my friend at VST4Free for the background image.

NSI Piano 1         Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU

NSI E Keys 0       Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU

NSI E Guitar 0     Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU

NSI Strings 1       Win 64   Win 32     Mac VST   Mac AU    Soundcloud Demo

License: The dataset is made available by Google Inc. under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

Paper: Jesse Engel, Cinjon Resnick, Adam Roberts, Sander Dieleman, Douglas Eck, Karen Simonyan, and Mohammad Norouzi. "Neural Audio Synthesis of Musical Notes with WaveNet Autoencoders." 2017.

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